Ad for the new Skoda Octavia, in  collaboration with the lovely people at Schjærven.

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I've really been rubbish with updating lately. Been working on lots of fun things that i cant wait to show you.-But in the meantime,

here's a little doodle of Dree for volt. Hope you like:)

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ps.for a closer look, click here

For Det Nye magazine.

The article was about being "A Good Girl".



Flingly is a brand new publishing house for online fashion magazines. I've done their header! woohoo!

Click the picture to see the the full header and check out the site!


Together with the very talented people at TRY I have created my very first interactive animation.

It's for Volkswagen's new Beetle. Click the picture and have a go yourself!

Fun stuff!


I have completely forgotten to show you these animal-frames I did for Vogue China's November issue.

They were so much fun to make!

For bigger versions, click here.


Hope you're all having a relaxing and lovely holiday!

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Jeg har laget Todd Rundgren på coveret til Vinduet!


Lanseringsfest onsdag 21.desember på Last Train! 

Have a good day, peeps!

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New A Doll's House logo + cover for issue #7!Whoho!

Issue #7 features artists such as: Saga Sig, Marie Kristiansen, Julie Pike, Smalltown girl (label), Erin M Riley, Anana, Deathcrush, Carmen Villain and myself, among others.

Order yourself a copy over at A Doll's House.

And be sure to check out covergirl Malin's awesome new music label Smalltowngirl while you're at it!


I'm so late with posting this, but here's another one for Det Nye.

it's for a piece about moving back home to your parents.

Hope ya like it!


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